Rabu, 05 Oktober 2016

How to Install GTA 5 hack Game for PC

This popular game has been rampant among young people and adults for the thrill of the game is definitely my friend wanted to have this game to be installed on your favorite computer that is not back and forth to the cafe. With my friend has this game to be played on a PC you will save your pocket money to play in the cafe which sejamnya reached Rp. 3000+.

Well to my friend who confused how to install the game on a computer buddy Gta here I will help to guide installasinya with already equipped with a picture tutorial, so my friend will be easier to install properly on the computer / PC. get gta 5 hack tool

Step by Step Installation Game GTA San Andreas For PC:

1. Please  NET download / download application game i

2. Then buddy complementary application download 7-ZIP is used to mengextrack game! Googling, many who share anyway. and install on your PC. After that go further kelangkah see image below to extract the game!

3. Enter the password "blogdoodey" (without the quotes) if needed.

4. After all files ter-join (incorporated), you will get a file with the name GTA San Andreas. The next step is clicking the file Exstract.

5. Re-use software 7-Zip by right-click on the file GTA San Andreas, continue to select option 7-Zip, then select it and click the Extract option to "GTA San Andreas \". See this picture!

GTA San Andreas Install + Image

6. After prosesextract finish, find the folder with the name of GTA San Andreas. Inside the folder there are three folders, namely DAEMON Tools Lite folder, the Games folder, and the folder Mod Installer (SAMI).

7. The next step is to install the application DAEMON Tools Lite / Power ISO beforehand. Open DAEMON Tools Lite folder, then run the setup application DAEMON Tools Lite her. The function of the application DAEMON Tools Lite is to open the ISO file game GTA: San Andreas.

8. After you have finished installing DAEMON Tools Lite application, you will go to the lawyer-install-late game GTA: San Andreas. Open the application DAEMON Tools Lite. Click Add DT Virtual Drive. As shown below:

9. Click the image that has been added, and then click Mount.

How to Install GTA on PC With Video

10. Usually after this, AutoPlay will appear as in the image below. If appears, click the Run Autorun.exe to start the process's lawyer-install the game.

12. If the AutoPlay as above does not appear, then your job is to look at your My Computer. View image!

13. Install this game until the process is finished ...

Now that's a sob as the complete installation process GTA San Andreas full game complete with tutorial drawing. If my friend is still confused should tell any friends or relatives friend who is already proficient in the operation install the game is related to the computer because it is a safe and fast way to get to enjoy this game.

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

How To Pokemon Go Alone Without Could Way Out House

Are you like the pokemon I will give you tips about the game being the current controversy, namely Pokemon Go. Indeed Pokemon game created just for the game dispose of boredom or for the fun of it, but the gamesrs many who play the game Pokemon Go to forget time, to the extent not willing to eat because I was busy hunting Pokémon. Therefore this time I will give employees tips on how to play Pokemon Go without having to leave the house cape alias without moving, you just sit back while hunting pokemon. Loh could emang? Ya can dong. So later on pokemon trainer will run itself according to the location we specify. How exciting is not it?

Of course, that game Pokemon Go to the street itself, we need some applications support. But one of the mandatory requirements that you must meet are your phone is already in a state of rooting. Well, if your phone is already at the root, following some supporting applications Pokemon Go to get his own way.

1. xposed Installer Framework> Read how to install xposed Installer on all Android
2. xposed Pokemon Go> Download here

Xposed Pokemon itself can help to use the fake GPS to make it easier for equipped with Joystick. So you just point the joystick, the trainer will walk to that location. If both the above applications are already preparing, below is how to use it.
How To Pokemon Go Alone Without Could Way Out House

1. After you successfully install xposed Framework on your phone, then please select Modules and then the checklist on xposed Pokemon. After the first reboot your phone.

2. Then run xposed Pokemon phone through the app drawer menu, then please specify the location that you want then select Start, then will pop up a joystick. And let xposed Pokemon applications continue to run in the background.

3. After xposed Pokemon run and joysticks are already out, you can directly run the game Pokemon Go her.

4. Okay then you just aim at where pokemon are using the joystick and checklists on the Walk. Then the trainer will automatically take care of itself.

How pretty easy right? For a further feature of the application module xposed Pokemon you can air-experiment yourself.